If you are a California resident who is not licensed as a dealer and you purchase a vehicle that is located in California and has a California title, then you will receive an Acquisition Bill of Sale (aka Reg 262) instead of a title. In order for you to register the vehicle, it will first need to be in a roadworthy condition, meet certain regulatory requirements and be revived by the DMV.

The vehicle will need to complete the following inspections:

  • Smog certification. You can find a DMV-authorized smog check station near you or visit smogcheck.ca.gov.

  • Brake and light adjustment certificates. Needs to be completed by a state-licensed repair shop. Motorcycles and large commercial vehicles may require a certificate from a specialty repair shop.

  • Verification of Vehicle (aka Reg 31). Needs to be completed by the local DMV or a California Highway Patrol station. Some items to bring are the proof of ownership, the bill of sale (if applicable), receipts for any repairs, and a $50 inspection fee.

  • Weight certificate (aka Reg 4008). Needs to be completed by a California Certified Public Weighmaster. Required for pickups and trucks.

After the above items have been completed, you will need to take the following to the DMV:

  • Signed Reg 262. You will need to sign next to your printed name

  • Application for Title or Registration (aka Reg 343)

  • Verification of Vehicle (aka Reg 31)

  • Brake and light certificates

  • Smog certification

  • Any applicable fees

Additional items that may be required include:

  • A Statement of Facts (aka Reg 256)

  • A Declaration of Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) / Combined Gross Vehicle Weight (CGW) (aka Reg 4008)

  • A Permanent Trailer Identification (PTI) Application and Certification (aka Reg 4017)

  • Weight certificate (aka Reg 4008)

The fees for this process may include but are not limited to:

  • Salvage vehicle inspection: $50

  • Salvage Certificate: $20

  • Registration: $46

  • Duplicate title: $20

  • California Highway Patrol fee:$23

  • Vehicle license fee (VLF): $20

  • Record collection fee: $2

If you have any questions regarding the REG 262 revival process you can contact the DMV or visit the California DMV website to obtain more information.

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Last Updated 6/26/22

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