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Paying for a Won Vehicle
Paying for a Won Vehicle

Everything you need to know about paying for your won vehicle

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Once you’ve won a vehicle you have two business days to pay in order to avoid a late fee. You will receive an invoice along with payment instructions by email. Please keep in mind that the only method of payment is a bank wire transfer.

In addition to the winning bid or the set “Buy It Now” price the following fees will be applied:

  • Copart auction fees

  • A Better Bid fees

  • sales taxes (if applicable)

Members can check the breakdown of all the fees by using our fee estimator to help make an educated buying decision prior to purchasing a vehicle. The fee estimator can also be found on all vehicle listing pages.

You will be notified by email once your payment has cleared. You may also check the status of your payment in the “Transaction List” section of your account.

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Last Updated 6/26/22

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