There are 3 ways that you can purchase a vehicle. We cover all options in the video below

  1. Pre-bidding

  2. Live bidding

  3. Buy now

Preliminary bidding
Preliminary Bidding (aka Pre-Bid) is available to all ABB members as soon as the vehicle is listed for sale on our website and is available up until one hour before the live auction. Can’t participate in the live auction? Pre-bid and our system will do the rest. When you make a Pre-Bid, our system will automatically place bids for you during the live auction up to your maximum bid amount (only if necessary). The system will only place a bid within your allowed amount in order to outbid someone else.

Live bidding
Experience the excitement of our online Live Bidding through the comfort of your home. Compete against other members to become the highest bidder!

Buy It Now
Some vehicles offer a "Buy It Now" option. This allows you to purchase the vehicle immediately at a set price before the lot goes to live auction.

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