1. Registering

Getting started is really easy, all you need is to register for a free account (only takes 15 seconds).

2. Uploading Your ID

Upload your government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or a passport. This document is needed in order to verify your identity. Don't worry, your information is safe with us!

3. Adding Your Security Deposit

In order to purchase a vehicle, you will first need to add a security deposit to your account. The security deposit is 100% refundable!

4. Vehicle Search

A Better Bid has over 150,000+ vehicles to choose from on any given day and new vehicles are added daily. We have everything ranging from cars to boats, motorcycles, and much more. Our inventory comes from "dealer-only" auctions, offering you wholesale prices without the need for a dealer's license. We've made it easy for you to find a bargain; use our car finder to specify your search by make, model, location, condition of the vehicle, or other parameters.

5. Vehicle Inspections

In-person inspections - To make the best and most informed buying decisions you are strongly encouraged to inspect your vehicle in person prior to placing any bids. If you're unable to see the vehicle yourself, then we encourage you to hire a third-party inspection service.

Vehicle history reports - In addition to an in-person inspection, you are also encouraged to order a vehicle history report through our trusted partner EpicVIN to gather valuable information and insights about the history of your vehicle before you purchase it.

Pro tip: Premium Members get 5 free vehicle history reports.

6. Placing your Bid

There are 3 ways that you can purchase a vehicle.

  1. Preliminary bidding
    Preliminary Bidding (aka Pre-Bid) is available to all ABB members as soon as the vehicle is listed for sale on our website and is available up until one hour before the live auction. Can’t participate in the live auction? Pre-Bid and our system will do the rest. When you make a Pre-Bid, our system will automatically place bids for you during the live auction up to your maximum bid amount (only if necessary). The system will only place a bid within your allowed amount in order to outbid someone else.
  2. Live bidding
    Experience the excitement of our online Live Bidding through the comfort of your home. Compete against other members to become the highest bidder!
  3. Buy It Now
    Some vehicles offer a "Buy It Now" option. This allows you to purchase the vehicle immediately at a set price before the vehicle goes to live auction.

7. Payment

Once you win an auction, we will email you an invoice with payment instructions.

8. Documentation

After the vehicle has been picked up from the auction facility, we will begin processing your ownership paperwork. Please allow up to 30 days for processing. Once done they will be mailed via FedEx.

9. Shipping

Vehicles cannot be driven from the auction facility, regardless of their condition. All vehicles must be transported from the auction using our licensed and insured transportation partner, Bidux.

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