If you are a resident of California and you do not hold a dealer’s license, you will not receive the paper title for a won lot. Instead, you will receive an Acquisition Bill of Sale (REG 262). In order to register the salvage vehicle, you will need to sign the section next to your printed name on the REG 262 and take the form to your local DMV office along with the following items:

  • Application for Title or Registration (REG 343)
  • Verification of Vehicle (REG 31)- You'll have to make an appointment with your local DMV or a California Highway Patrol station. Some items to bring are the proof of ownership of the vehicle, the bill of sale, if relevant, receipts for any repairs that have been done on the vehicle, and a $50 inspection fee.
  • Brake and light adjustment certificates completed by a state-licensed repair shop. Specific vehicles, such as motorcycles and large commercial vehicles, may require a certificate from a specialty repair shop.
  • Any applicable fees

The fees required to register a salvage vehicle in California may include but are NOT limited to:

  • Salvage vehicle inspection: $50
  • Salvage Certificate: $20
  • Registration: $46
  • Duplicate title: $20
  • California Highway Patrol fee: $23
  • Vehicle license fee (VLF): $20
  • Record collection fee: $2

You may also need:

  • A smog certificate
  • Weight certificate from a California Certified Public Weighmaster (if your purchase is a pickup or truck)
  • Application for Salvage Certificate or Nonrepairable Vehicle Certificate (REG 488C)
  • A Statement of Facts (REG 256)
  • A Declaration of Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)/Combined Gross Vehicle Weight (CGW) (REG 4008)
  • A Permanent Trailer Identification (PTI) Application and Certification (REG 4017)

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