Step 1 - Sign up for an account (if you have not already)

Register for an account here. We offer two types of memberships, standard and premium. STANDARD membership is ideal for members purchasing a lower number of vehicles and PREMIUM is ideal for members purchasing 3+ vehicles per year

Step 2 - Security Deposit 

Provide a refundable security deposit. The security deposit should be 10% of your maximum bid / buy it now price. The minimum deposit is $400 which allows you to bid on vehicles up to $4,000. You can request to have your security deposit refunded at any time. Your security deposit does not apply to the purchase of your vehicle.

Step 3 - Bid on a car

Find a car and place a bid! Search through our inventory of over 190,000+ vehicles to find the right one. We're confident that you will find something that you will like 😊 To help  find exactly what you're looking for try using the 'advanced search'

To find a vehicle that is located in California, click the ‘advanced search’ and search by auction location, state, or a zipcode

What kind of documents will I receive? 

You will not receive a title, instead, you will receive an ACQUISITION BILL OF SALE (also known as a REG 262). This Reg 262 may be revived into a salvage title when you register the vehicle with the California DMV. Please note that the vehicle will have to pass a safety inspection before it can be registered. You are responsible for making any repairs to the vehicle (if necessary) in order to make sure that it passes the safety inspection.

Vehicles labeled as “Non-repairable title”
Please note that if you wish to purchase a Non-repairable title vehicle it cannot be registered at all. For these kinds of vehicles, you will receive a bill of sale

Buying a vehicle for export out of California

If you plan to export or ship a vehicle out of California please let us know prior to the purchase. The reason why we need to know ahead of time is that instead of a Reg 262 you will receive a regular title (as described in the listing) that is stamped FOR EXPORT ONLY. Reg 262 is only useful if the vehicle will remain in California. You will not be able to export a vehicle with a Reg 262. Before bidding please check to verify that the documents that are indicated in the listing are suitable for export.

How do I register a vehicle with a Reg 262? 

Before your vehicle can be registered it must first pass a safety inspection. Please note that we cannot assist with the registration and inspection process. We do not guarantee that any of our vehicles can pass any inspections. Please consult your local DMV for specific requirements that must be met in order to register your vehicle prior to purchase.  

To register your vehicle, take the Reg 262 (Acquisition bill of sale) to your local DMV. You will need to acquire a moving permit so that your vehicle can pass a smog, brake and light inspection, and possible inspection by the California Highway Patrol or the DMV. If you purchased a truck then it must get weighed prior to registration. Upon completion, you will be issued new plates and mailed a salvage title by DMV.

Do I pay a sales tax?

California residents pay a 7.75% sales tax will be collected at the time of the sale. You will not have to pay the sales tax again when you register the vehicle at the DMV.

Are there any back-fees?

There are absolutely no back-fees any vehicles that come with a Reg 262! Typically vehicles in California have loads of back-fees that the buyer is responsible for prior to registration of the vehicle. All back fees and penalties (if any) are removed.    


If you win the vehicle you will also need to have the vehicle shipped. Vehicles are not allowed to be driven off the lot regardless of their condition. Please use our shipping calculator to estimate the cost of shipping. Our shipping partner, Bidux, has you covered. You can order shipping services with them. You can reach them at or call them at +1 (321) 445-5816

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