If you want to resell your vehicle, please send us the following:

  • The lot number of the vehicle (If you originally purchased it through us or auction operator)
  • The location of the vehicle (or the exact yard you will deliver it to) 
  • Your minimum price 

Auction operator fees
It will cost $85 for first 3 runs on the auction operator. Each additional run costs $35, with a maximum of 10 runs in total. If the vehicle is sold there is an additional 2% auction fee from the final price.

A Better Bid fees
For our resale services we charge a $600 fee. This fee needs to be paid in advance before the resale can be initiated. 

In the event that the vehicle is not sold, the auction operator fee and the A Better Bid fee are not refundable. 

Not all vehicles can be resold through the auction operator. This can be due to complications with the title or in rare cases with the vehicle itself. If it turns out that there is an issue and the auction operator refuses to resell the vehicle, we will refund our $600 fee. 

We make our best effort to ensure that everything goes smoothly, so we kindly ask you to email us a copy of your title before initiating the resell process. We will do our best to assess if the title could possibly have any issues that would cause the auction operator to reject the vehicle. Our assessment is in no way a guarantee that the auction operator will choose to resell the vehicle. It is simply our good faith effort to ensure a smooth transaction. 

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