The number of cars that can fit in one container depends on the type of container used. The most commonly used 40-foot-high cube container can hold two to five vehicles depending on their shape and size, while a 20-foot standard container will fit only one car. 

Car dismantling service
We also offer car-dismantling service, which will allow you to load up to 18 cars in one 40-foot HC container and up to four in a 20-foot standard container (depending on the type of vehicles and the method of dismantling). This service, commonly used by clients who deal with car auto parts, can save you thousands of dollars if you are shipping multiple vehicles that might otherwise require multiple shipments. The amount of vehicles that we can load into a container also depends on the port of destination. Please check with your agent or a custom broker at the port of destination to determine whether there are any restrictions before making arrangements.

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