If you reside outside the state of Florida or you are located overseas, you are exempt from sales tax with one exception: Vehicles for sale that are located in Florida are not tax-exempt if you decide to pick them up by yourself or through an auto transportation company from auto auctions yards in Florida. You will be subject to a Florida sales tax because you are taking possession of the vehicle in the state of Florida. You can avoid this by letting A Better Bid™ deliver your vehicle(s) to your state or country, as this is considered a vehicle delivery outside of Florida and will be tax-exempt!

Vehicles that Florida residents buy are subject to A Better Bid’s transaction fee of $399 and a state sales tax of 6%, as well as a county discretionary sales surtax (based on the county of the buyer's residence). (Please see here for more detailed information.) A Florida registered export/import company that buys vehicles for resale and will immediately export them outside of Florida (documentation required) is exempt from Florida sales tax.

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