If you win an auction or complete a Buy Now purchase in addition to a winning bid there are additional fees that will be charged:

  • STANDARD members will be charged a transaction fee of $250 
  • PREMIUM Members will be charged transaction fee of $200 
  • $50 documentation fee to cover processing of your paperwork and the FedEx mailing fee.
  • ALL FLORIDA RESIDENTS purchasing a vehicle are subject to A Better Bid® transactions fee of $449 for STANDARD Members and $399 for PREMIUM members (includes the $50 documentation and mailing fees) and a state sales tax of 6%, as well as a county discretionary sales surtax (based on the county of the buyer's residence). (Please see here for more detailed information.)
  • Plus all applicable fees based on your winning bid or Buy Now price

Avoidable fees:

  • If you fail to make an on-time payment for the car, A Better Bid® will charge a late fee of $50 after the due date. 
  • If the vehicle has spent more than two days at the auction facility then there are possible fees that can apply. See all of the storage fees here. 
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